Amada Book – The Boy No One Knew About

AMADA-The Boy No One Knew About by AJ Ensor

AMADA the Boy No One Knew About is the adventurous and thrilling book written by AJ Ensor. Amada is basically a reluctant hero who deals with situations beyond his control in a place he does not know about using real-world bravery and a perfect attitude.

In this article, I will significantly present its brief description. Amada Study Guide involves complete information and analyses, helping you understand the book.

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So let’s begin!

Luke is a boy who brought up with loving family and trustworthy friends. But they never told Luke about his real identity and with time they realized that it was a bad decision of not telling him about his real self. When things go wrong, he left to discover everything about the real world by himself. The dangerous people are still after him.

He is a sensitive and smart boy. He has guts and courage to face the danger. He only wants to have friends and family, but, he is not like anyone else.

This book is a full surprise package. If you are a fan of Harry Potter type stories you will love this as it is impossible to put it down. In the starting chapters, you may think that you are dealing with a fantastic and new story.

What makes you change from the idea of Harry Potter is the amazing and unique edge of the story and a different style of realism. By the end of chapter five, any idea of Harry Potter is disappeared. Females will love how natural and smart Luke Amada is in the book. Boys will be a fan of his managing style as to how he manages all the things. But still, Amada is a kid who dares to handle everything!

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For me, Amada is one of the most famous thrilling and adventurous books. This book will attract you and leave you excited to start the next chapter or next book. Like others, you will also be happy to know that creed, race, gender and origin mean nothing to this book hero! Amada is much diverse in characters and family Friendly.

You will enjoy this novel, so take my advice and read this novel; you will not regret your decision as Amada has qualities of a good adventurous that can leave anybody speechless with their amazing screenplay and storyline.

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AMADA-The Boy No One Knew About by AJ Ensor